From a humble start off in the year 1983, Watch Service Centre made its presence felt through the exhaustive after-sales service it offered to the customer clientele. The growth from a mix of infantile servicing of winding watches, self-winding and quartz to the present level of maintaining and caring the latest technologically advanced innovative watches with multi-functions was the result of Watch Care Centre’s deep seated vision.  

The Watch Care Centre has the potentials of an efficient man power team trained by Rado Watch Co. The technical personnel are backed by their rich experience of around twenty years in watch maintenance. In addition to the varied types of watches serviced by them, the centre is also equipped to handle any innovative styles that may develop time to time.  

The expertise of the personnel has been proved by the confidence reposed by Citizen Watches in entrusting the intricate servicing of diving watches to us in our work shop. Incidentally, Pressure testing of Diving Watches is being done by Watch Care Centre to the utmost and fool-proof efficacy. 

We are authorized  Service Centre for the following partner brands