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About Us

In 1976 Mr. Hassan Zahir, son of a prominent Maldivian business man Mr. Ibrahim Gasim (Kalhuhokko Kudadhon Maniku) opened Shop No. 18 on Chandhanee Magu, Male’ to sell tourism souvenirs. In 1980, with a shift to the present premises at 3, Orchid Magu, Male’,Shop No. 18 became Reefside Co. Pvt Ltd.

With complementary merchandise like branded diving watches and electronics, the event signified much more than a name change.

This was a time when the general merchandise in Maldives consisted of mixed items and this exclusiveness was something unique
and extravagant. It was this dedicated effort that brought out the growth of the company to many outlets that trade only leading
branded products.

Reefside Company still leads the way for exclusive selling of watches and electronics of repute in the Maldives . We have further gained the trust of our customers by establishing the first full-fledged Watch Care Centre and reputed Electronics Service Centre for quality after sales service in the Maldives.

Reefside Shop in the year 1974
Kalhuhokko Kudadhon Manik At shop No. 03 Orchid Magu

Reefside Shop in the year 1982


First Renovation in the year 1991

KKM (Kalhuhokko Kudadhon Manik) Building at Present


Reefside Maldives recognized as a leader on selling original watches and electronics products in Maldives for 40 years and counting.

Reefside Maldives leads the way of enriching and innovating people lifestyles. Through our commitment to quality , constant innovation and respect to others, we aim to exceed expectation and be rewarded with customer trust and loyalty.


To develop and deliver the most innovative products, manage customer experience, deliver quality services that contributes to brand strength. Ensuring that products are of outstanding quality and value.