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    Arzum AR2062 Airtasty Air Fryer Hot Air Fryer – Copper Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain maximum flavor with minimum oil usage. Thanks to its user-friendly design, you can easily prepare and enjoy the product you want. Its removable bowl prevents you from using an extra plate after preparing your meal, thus saving you from a load of dishes. Thanks to the timer feature, you can prepare your food and consume it practically while doing your other work. You can easily prepare different recipes such as fish, chicken, meat, vegetables, and pastries. You can prepare your favorite frying recipes by using the oil-free frying feature.
    In this way, you can get the maximum flavor without using oil and take care of your form. It has features such as heat setting and time setting. You can adjust the heat for the recipes you want to prepare and you don’t have to wait at the beginning thanks to the time setting. It will be your assistant in the kitchen for your healthy, delicious, and practical meals.

    80-200ºC temperature setting
    60 minutes time setting
    4L hopper capacity
    Removable and non-stick cooking basket
    The removable bowl that can be washed in the dishwasher
    Cooking vegetables, chicken, fish, meat and pastries
    Cooking and standby mode warning lights
    Overheating protection

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